Daytona Tyre suggestions

Hi All
Just bought an 02 955 daytona and it needs a rear tyre everything i read points to michelin PR2’s
anyone have any thoughts
cheers in advance

Really no one has an opinion
that is surprising

All anyone does is recommend the tyres they have at the moment anyway…

…so I’d recommend Metzeler Sportec’s, and Jetstream has Pilot Road III’s on a Daytona so that’s 2 options!

depends on how you ride your bike…good all round tyre would be a bridgestone 021 or 023’s

Alex is right, go for Road Pilot 3s. :slight_smile:

why not go for black round ones, there quite good these days!!!

rubber ones. make sure they’ve got good tread

PR3. If the jets can navigate a litre bike 2 up like they do then that’s all the advertising that Mitchelin needs…:wink: