Daytona 675 possible engine damage by using different end can?

Good afternoon.

I’m riding a Daytona 675 and I have replaced the undertail stock exhaust with a side tri-oval. It has shown some benefits when it comes to high RPMs(2-3 hp increase) however, sound is the best thing. It is VERY bassy and loud enough(a bit illegal but just above the limit), it gives that characteristic Triumph Triple growl in a way it compels people to notice it. This has clearly given me an advantage in the traffic where car drivers can hear me coming. However, I have a question. Is there any chance that using an exhaust different than the stock and approved ones(such as Zard and Arrow) could result to a damage of some sort to the engine? I’m asking this because the Daytona exhaust is very unique. The piping changes girth from thinner to wider and it results to three exhausts(exhaust ports is the right word?). Someone told me that perhaps the fact that the piping of my exhaust is a bit shorter than the stock, it could damage the engine. Zard however is making a side exhaust for the Daytona which is much shorter than mine. Oh well…

Theoretically there is a very slim chance that the can could be causing your bike to run too lean which would eventually lead to the valves burning out. In practice its very uncommon for this to happen just from changing the can alone as the manufacturers spend a lot of time and money on design and development these days.

It would be worth getting your bike booked in at a Dyno shop to get it set up all the same:)

Nice choice by the way:cool:

Just to let you know once again the girth of the pipe is wider and the length shorter than the stock.

This is my bike:


That tail end looks so different with a low slung exhaust:)

I know… and I really like it that way:D

The sound of it is extraordinary… :cool:

I’d hate to see it go but I’m worried about the engine…

I think you are over concerned mate.

A dyno run will put your mind at rest:cool:

hmmm never thought about engine damage because of different can:w00t:

is your bike handling fine with can on the side ?

I got different one fitted and still looks very good:

Handling is immaculate as always. No negative effects whatsoever from a handling perspective or from any perspective for that matter.

I’m concerned because the pipe sizes are different than the stock ones.

Your bike is beautiful, your can looks brilliant.

I just never get tired of seeing Daytona pics(especially in Tornado Red;)) !!!

P.S: I haven’t removed rear turning lights. I’m using Clear Alternatives on the tail light.

If you have any changes to the intake in mind do them first, and THEN go to the dyno shop.

I have to say your bike is looking well sweet innit Arnie:cool: