daytona 675 owners

has anyone got a spare rh mirror, had a little incident :Whistling: if so how much :smiley:

Not sure if we dare mention him again, but Arnie might have a spare one:)

Hope nothing too serious happened.

(Will we see you Sunday?)

hey curtis, glad you are ok - sorry just had a new one fixed myself :slight_smile:

why you need a mirror curtis…its always off the road :smiley:

just had a incident on a roundabout which was sort of my fault sort of his fault, guy cut up the inside of me i dint notice him and he scraped alongside my right side, i was lucky to stay on the bike as he wasn’t hanging about and i only lost a mirror and a lil scrape to the rear panel but he got off a lot worse my knee slider left a huge black scrape along his car from wing to boot as did my rear foot peg leave a nice long scratch

so what you do to lose 1??

soon my sanity - will tell you when I see you next