Daytona 675 and Street Triple

Are their tanks interchangeable? Because I’ve been looking for a while now to buy a new tank(my old one is quite damaged on the right side) for my daytona but on ebay it is very rare to find one for daytona. Perhaps the street triple tank would fit?

I very much doubt the frames would be the same.

teh frames look pretty much the same, dont see why it wouldnt fit, after all the Street Triple is a naked 675…

give a triumph dealer a call, he will know for sure…i very much doubt he wont know;)

Lagina should be able to tell you - 01622 681 765.

A quick google tells me they are both 17.4 litres - not a definitive answer but a good start :wink:

Would it fit? Possible.
However, it does not have the same part number when in the same color so I would think NO

daytona stripped:

street triple:

as said…ring a decent dealer…THEY know what they are talking about.

Many thanks for the advice. It is could be a hint that whilst on the same colour they don’t have the same part number(d675 and ST tanks).

What intrigues me is that I read on an article that both bikes share the same frame and the same wheels(also interested on a new front wheel).

The problem is I don’t(and can’t) want to splash out 500+ quid for a new tank. I’d rather buy a ST tank if it fits, repaint it and buy the decals. I’m not quite sure whether a dealer is entitled to suggest an alternative way of fixing the problem(by confirming that a ST tank would do). I will try however.

I wonder if I could go to hinckley myself to buy a new(painted or unpainted) tank whether I would pay less by cutting out the middleman !!! :hehe::w00t:

if you find one for sale, ask the seller to email photos of the underside and compare them to yours?

how bad is your tank.
It might be fixable…
not that the dent would disappear but it could be filled in and repainted… Looking as new although with a few ml less capacity.

I have thought of that, but the reason I want a new one is because in case I want to sell the bike, a dented tank will considerably reduce the asking price. On top of that, after calculations, a mint condition used tank from ebay will cost me less(or about the same) than/as removing my dented tank, filling it, respraying it and fitting the decals.
A few pounds saved by repairing my own tank might cost me a lot more when selling the bike methinks.