Daytona 660

Just announced

Headlines -
Triple 660 engine makes 94bhp
Softer setup than previous Daytonas
In dealers in March, priced from £8595

Daytona 660 | For the Ride (

Chat from the chaps at FEC

Another sports tourer pretending to be a sports bike IMHO.

See also ER6, CBR650 & R7.

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Yeah it’s faired Trident with a few teaks really

Commuter in a party frock

Cheap trackbike.

Different engine internals than the trident. 95bhp apparently

I bought one of the first Daytona 675s way back in 2006 and loved it.
Only criticism for me was that despite being a 5’8" shortarse it was still a bit cramped for me when going flat on the bars,

So when the D660 was announced I was interested - I haven’t seen one yet but it looks just as cramped from the pictures (might be wrong) but 95bhp?

My old D675 was 126bhp…bit of a difference.

this is aiming more at at CBR650f rather than CBR600rr.

so less power and less focused on going fast, but more useable and comfortable

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