Daytime Ride to Rye - Thursday 2/06

Yeah, I hope you don’t mind I passed on your number :wink:

Thanks for joining. I hope everybody got home ok.
Good day and nice company :slight_smile:

Thanks for a nice day out:) Good to put a face to a name after all this time:D

Likewise. Great to finally meet you and I’m glad you had a good day.
Thanks for being gentle with me, only second time I lead a ride.

Unfortunately, I’m starting work on Monday, so finished with the daytime rides :frowning:

Do you work on Sundays?:slight_smile:

Yes, unpaid as well, being a dad :wink:
It’s generally quite hard to be out all day on weekends as it’s the only time I get to spend time with the little one properly. But I’ll make an effort to come along to one of your rides this summer.