Daytime Ride to Rye - Thursday 2/06

I’m riding down to Rye again tomorrow with a buddy.
Leaving SE London around 11AM. Nice route (I’ll try anyway), small As, Bs and unclassifieds all the way. Get a spot of lunch there and return either the quick or scenic route.
Let me know if you’re interested. Can pick people up from Blackheath tea hut.

Thinking about going down there but it’ll be later as I’ve got the bike in for service in the morning in Oxford.

Got an exam at 2 or I would certainly have joined you…25 degrees according to the BBC!! wtf how dare they stick me in a class room in for the entire afternoon :frowning:

Could be up for this as the weather looks good for Thursday. Will pm you later to confirm.

Going via Box? Could be there late morning…

that’s the way to get all working people here loving you… post about a ride in the sunshine whilst we’re all stuck in an office! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Quite right - going to sign off…and no prizes for guessing where I am going :wink:

i hate you guys :smiley:

Me too :smiley:

I’m not going via box, but I can pick people up at Sundridge (or Westerham). This is roughly the route I’m thinking of: Google Maps.

If anybody would like to join, let me know by tomorrow AM by PM or txt if you have my number, then I know who to wait for.

Me too :smiley:

Mines a chilled Kronenbourg :smiley:

Is that on the list of beers approved by the Beer Nazi?:PHave fun tomorrow you lot - not jealous at all:Whistling:

Got grandchildren today .

And tomorrow even .

At the dentist in the morning…so can get to Weterham for 11ish.

Post up if that works - don’t worry if not.


I did that route driesie…well I say I did that route, that is the route I planned in the morning, but it didn’t quite go that well.

I found some really interesting dirt tracks and one of the number run over a dog :stuck_out_tongue: after it ran out, the dog was fine!..though I think on reflection, I was probably driving through their back garden :smiley:

We’re only leaving Blackheath tea hut at 11, so what about we pick you up from Sundridge by the trafic lights at 11.40?

Message from bluelagos - call me on 07990734581 for hot bi sex or maybe in the morning around 9 aboutthe rideout

Thanks to the Scandanavian twins who answered Leon’s message - or maybe to Dreise for a good rideout :smiley: