Days like this i love my bike

Well today there are two things I’m loving …

  1. The Bike
  2. TomTom 700 !!!

Been all over the place today getting stuff from Fulham to Sidcup and then over to Holborn… If I’d have been in a car would have got half of the things done and if the TomTom wasn’t so shit hot I would have got frustrated !! Don’t you just love easy days on the bike…

And what’s really cool is the TomTom is for the car, it just happened that the suction mounting cup fitted the rev counter perfectly and just about cleared everything else on the bike

And of course it didn’t rain … BONUS !




I notice that the Tom Tom is helping you to obey the speed limit … Can you actually see the speedo?

That sounds like a nice day in the office Lee! Why you didn’t come to the Cubanas meeting?

Heh, good fitment, Lee

the Tom Tom can display your speed on the screen using GPS d/t calculations every second, GPS speed is more accurate than your speedo!

Nice fitment there mate, gunna try that tomorrow

Aaaah, tha’ll be why then

i know i really should have come as i was in the area but i just didnt get round to it… The Mrs loves the little Thai round the back so we really should have come along but we were cathing up on 24 and no matter how good the foo and company your not dragging Dawn away from Jack Bauer in a hurry !

if you do make sure you wet the clock face ! it fell off 3 times before i did this ( luckily i had my wire ties just incase this happend) , but after wetting it, it never even though about falling off… In fact it’s still on the bike this morning ( minus tomtom of course ) .