Day Trip to France

gonna try and squeeze in a day trip to france next week, where would those that have been recomend going? Was thinking of turnning right and following the coast, are the roads any good?any good towns to head for? good place to get lunch?

Le Touquet is always worth a visit, and only about 40 mins from Calais. You can either head there on the dual carriageway (A16), or take in some of the coastal roads.

Nice restaurants too!

oh right, cool, that doesnt look that far, the d940 runs along the coast that way, is that a good road?

Want a nice run on A & B roads, dont want dual carridgeway if it can be helped…

I have done the trip to LeTouquet a few times and it is a nice spot for lunch and an OK ride down, but nothing special road wise.

I may get shot down for this but I think most of northern france is not that interesting (road wise) and by the time you take into account the trip to Dover, you would be better off heading to Cornawall or wales for a day trip with good roads. Also cheaper as you dont need the tunnel/extra insurance etc.

Just my 2p though, if you have want ot go over there it is still a nice day out :slight_smile:

Must agree there - you can’t get too far into France on a day visit to make it really worth it.

oh really?

Couple of peole have said the D940 along to balogne is a good jaunt for lunch, aint expecting spectacular stuff, just s bit of a chnage…

would give Le Touquet a miss, great place but, we stopped off there for lunch on the way to Millau, it was packed! only the very expensive eateries had any space.

A good run is down to St Omer then across to Gent, good eating places on route and good bike roads:)

If only for a day I’d spend it on the Kent coast, some nice roads and you can spend the cost of the ferry/train on a good lunch ;):stuck_out_tongue:

cheers guys, ive done kent to death steve, just fancy a change, wanna go further a filed in frnace but wanna dip my toe in first if you know what i mean?

The cost roads from callis to dieppe seem a good little route?

If it goes ahead i’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! :cool:

Agree with you there steve:) something we do on a regular basis:cool: