day trip to brugge


I’ve got a few days off next week and was thinking of a day trip to Brugge or something like le bouquet.

No route planned yet but was thinking ferry rather than tunnel.

Anyone else off and fancy a run out?

If you’ve got a couple of days off why not spend the evening in Brugge it’s much prettier at night. :slight_smile:

I can’t see any reason why to take the ferry over the tunnel.

Depends if you want to get somewhere or a day out on the ocean waves in the sunshine. Or a little rest:)

Great town - ride down very dull - better in a car with a nice hotel.

You obviously never done the choccy run to Brugge………that is far from dull route

You can get a massage on the Ferry you can’t on the Train.

Says who :smiley:

Tis true I have not - I was thinking of the most direct route.

What happened to Busa55?

Dont think Mo got a bike he busy playing with cars

Shame - an enthusiastic biker and a top box full of cake :slight_smile:

Enjoyed a nice awayday to Etretat with Jetstream, Mo and a few others.

Interested to know what motivated him to throw in the towel bike wise?

Ok,slight change of plan

Lunch on Friday in le touquet. 30 quid return on tunnel.

Any takers? Gonna book train first thing weds.


Been there a few times, but sadly can’t make it on this occasion. Normally I take the coast road from Sangate with views across the channel. Great beach there too :cool:

Feel free to join me.

The details are as follows…

Date: 10 May 2014

Start: Blackheath Tea Hut

Time of departure: 06:45

Train details:

(local time) Day/Overnight Fare | Folkestone to Calais | Saturday 10 May 2014 Check-in closes 07:50Departure time 08:20Arrival time 09:55 £15 vert_line_solid_1.gif

(local time)

Day/Overnight Fare | Calais to Folkestone | Saturday 10 May 2014 Check-in closes 19:50Departure time 20:20Arrival time 19:55 £15

Book at:

Let me know if your coming. Full tank and empty bladders! I can’t wait around for people either otherwise we’ll miss the train.


What is the route…Just looking on Google Maps ! (booked BTW)

Just need to get my bike working now :crying:

I might join you Dan .

Amit - The route is Rob’s route. I’ve got it on my Tomtom Rider. I’ve always liked the route he has taken.

AlexC - Feel free mate.

Tunnel booked to join you daniel

No problem mate.