Day Rides from London - anybody in the know?

hi guys,

can any of you recommend a scenic day trip from london on the bike ?

ideally max 2 hours to reach there from north london

any tips would be greatly appreciated :kiss:


check the Ride Out forums, further below on the main forum overview, there are a few.
Depending on your riding skills/confidence, there are often a few to chose from, e.g. a Jetstream rideout (who’re on holiday right now), a TimR rideout, who also includes 125ers/L-Plates, therefore no motorways, etc., and other rideouts organized by more folks :slight_smile:

if you want scenic, stick to B roads, most of the coastal towns are packed with bikes, brighton,hastings,rye, or wait until 11th sept, and you have the essex air ambulance charity ride, you’ll be with a few thousand other bikers, although not so scenic route, more direct roads over to the west(anglia) makes a good day

Stratford Upon Avon via A40 to Oxford then up to Banbury and across

Go up the M11 to junct 5 then take the A113 and you will find yourself on some great B roads around there. Make it to fitchenfield and you can have lunch in a very scenic village.

Hannibal’s house is well reachable within two-hours, and more fun than some of those routes. :wink:

No need to thank me :slight_smile:

Dunstable downs is a great area to ride around. Been there a few times.

Keep an eye out this forum is pretty active with ride outs.


awesome !thank you all so much :)will defo try out a couple of those routes while it’s hot hot hot!and who the heck is hannibal ?! :crazy:

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where about from north london you from?