So heres the story, ive got about 10 vouchers for one paying adult the other gets in free for alton towers, thorpe park, chessington etc…just wondered who wants to come if ive got 10 that means with 20 of us going we all pay just £17.50 instead of £35?

They have lockers big enough for our gear…and if enough of us go we can command a big enough space all together in the car park…lock bikes together etc?

So who fancies it and when can we all go and which theme park do we want to go to? :wink: If only a handful of us, thats cool too…Im going towards thorpe park cos its not that far, took me few hours in the car so the bikes a lot quicker…and they have got some awesome rides there !!! Ask Trisckie !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The new SAW ride is blinding and cant remember name of the other one but it shot us from 0 to 80 in 2 secs…oh, they DO have the teacups for those of you that like the more sedate form of thrill ? :wink:

Just a thought for a good day out, not that expensive with ya mates and then a rideout thrown in !!

Im no organiser but i go along with what transpires…:slight_smile:

Sounds great, Thorpe Park works for me, just will be dependant on the date

Yep I’m keen, date dependant obv. Thorpe or Chessington works for me.

OK so we need some more peeps…whos up for it and when are they free? Guess this will have to be a sat/sun cos of work…thats cool cos if u get there when they open 9.30 u can get on some rides pretty quick and u can also buy fast track tickets for the rides u wanna go on, and i can recommend the 2 i talked about in first post…well worth the £4 fast track price honest !! beats standing in a queue for nearly 50 mins !! If we can get a group of us we can sort out a date and the more of us that go the better for us to grab a larger parking area for our bikes…

Let me know, im waiting…so it will be £17.50 for us to get in, with the vouchers…then £4 to fast track any ride u wanna go on …it will be a good laugh…if no one else is really interested (ya scaredy cats) then we can just sort a date out with us and go anyway…Trisckie dont u wanna go again? :smiley:

ME! But i wudnt be able to wrangle a sunday off cos thats one of our busiest days :frowning:

I’d be well up for this, may or not bring a pillion.

Next few weekends are booked up, but 12th Sept onwards would be ideal if you can wait that long? Might also give the kids chance to go back to school (I know that won’t matter on a weekend).

Been a while since I’ve got to do anything with the LB gang…!

Me i love theme parks!! though i’d have to jump on the back of someone else as bikes still off the road

Me (and the missus s pillion) would be up for this if the date suits :slight_smile:


I’d be interested depending on when it is, and if I can get Mr-C to give me a lift :hehe:

Ooh… yes please :smiley:

Thorpe or Chessington :wink:

I’m in as long as i’m not away :smiley:

went thorpe park on my birthday, saw ride was amazing even with a 2HOUR wait :w00t:

+2 :smiley:

+1 Saw was well worth the wait and stealth was awesome too :w00t: they have so many good rides there now :slight_smile:

Count us in (Perkz and I).

We already have bounce back tickets, so don’t worry about us needing tickets.

ok Jacks, when r u back and shall we make this a saturday peeps, so that we can use the sunday to get over it !!

im fine with Sept 12th? cant remember when the EAA rideout to harwich from dunton is, but i dont think its the 12th…im prob marshalling again this year for them and its a special one this year cos its their 10th year…and my 5th year of attending and 3rd yr of marshalling…

But back to the item in hand here…can we ALL make sat the 12th? and were is best place to meet? I will be going over the dartford bridge M25 way…and i know Trisckie will be going from Hayes so will prob meet us there…so peeps coming my way, we will need a meet point…any suggestions im happy to go with…

The Essex Air Ambulance run is on Sunday 13th September

OK so sat 12th looks like the date, can we all make it? if so…we need to arrange meet place for those that want to ride in together, and meet up for those going straight there…

Saturday the 12th September works for me - yippee

Anyone want to meet at the Ace?

Booo. Can’t make the 12th. Am being a middle class gimp and playing golf in Spain that week.

Have fun y’all