day mot

can someone clear this up for me. a day MoT, I thought it needed a brake light and indicators and a horn. the rest it did not.

I have just read something that says you only need a horn, I cannot believe that for a second because how would traffic behind know your stopping!

you give hand signals for indicating and braking, as indicated in the high way code :smiley:

I’ve got one on a fighter, and you only need a brake light, and signals if the controls has a switch.


Got a call about this today so if it was you this is direct from

the Vosa book.

This inspection applies to: all machines, except those which have neither front nor rear position lamps, or have such lamps permanently disconnected, painted over or masked that are

· only used during daylight hours, and

· not used at times of seriously reduced visibility

If this situation occurs the machine presenter should be issued with a VT32 (advisory notice) recording the above.

Hope this helps


nope wasn’t me was something I was reading.

also horn thats it.

I’m pretty sure the only real requirements are a horn and kill switch, providing the switch gears are blanked off or removed.

The horn does have to work but you dont need a kill switch.

I would have thought that was a necessity? What about one of those squeezy horns? Honk-Honk? :smiley:

Haha this is from our mot bible

An audible warning device is usually an electrical horn. A horn is defined as an instrument, not being a bell, gong or siren, capable of giving audible and sufficient warning of the approach or position of a vehicle.

A motor bicycle first used before 1 August 1973 may be fitted with a bulb horn.