Day 4

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Not got long for todays update but here goes…

Seeing more and more lizards kicking about basking in the sun. Its funny watching them in the kennels winding my dog up.

Been working the dogs and chilling out in the pool today. Had to do a swim test aswell just to show we wont drown if we fall out the bout on river crossings, not sure if drowning was what id be worried about though… doubt i can swim faster than a croc but hey atleast i wont drown :w00t:

Got a fair few pics of some lizards from tiny little Gekos to some big ass lizzards. Loads of vultures flying around to, i’ll try get some pics but the camera aint that good.

Got the snake man coming in tonite to show us some snakes and tell us abit about what ones we may encounter in the jungle.

Ive got to teach the Dutch and Norweigens, who are the ones doin the actual course, about the tracker dogs and how they work tomoz. Gona give them a demo of just how good they realy are at following a track aswell. Just hope when we get out in the real jungle that they perform as good as they normaly do. Its gona be a whole new world to them as neither of the dogs have been in anything like it before nore have we the handlers, lots of critters to grab their attention, lots of noises to distract them and lots of new and wonderfull smells. We shall just have to see when we get out there.

Looks like i will be out there for the whole 6/7 weeks that the guys doing the actualy will be out there for. The guys who have been setting up base camp have all been talking about the amount of scorpians they have seen out there… Best watch where i tread hey. Biggest worry for me is actualy my dog and what he’ll try eating and what will eat him too. As said before he is my number 1 priority, comes above anyone else in my eyes including me.

Rite ive gota dash, gota get to the snake brief. Will post more tomoz. Oh and tuesday will be my last post as i go out to the Jungle on wednesday, or atleast thats the plan at the moment.

This is ASBO signing out for another day

Keep it shiny side up :wink:

Good Luck Asbo.

Enjoying the updates. Stay safe

+2 (not sure “enjoying” is the right word but they are very interesting - keep on posting):slight_smile:

Be safe and good luck

Again Asbo - loving your diary updates - keep em comin!