Should finish work by midnight tonight so who fancy goin for a early mornin blast?

Start about 4-ish to end up at the ace for brekky.

The pace will be hot.

4-ish your nuts man i dont even know what that time looks like. i think you will get no offers

starting from where?

Maybe start at maccy d’s uxbridge/denham about 4,4.30-ish.

blast up A413 towards Aylesbury then maybe thru towards berkhamstead and thru the ashridge estate. up to lieghton then back on the A418 and back to the ace for 9-ish.

There’s a road i know where you can keep it nailed, the front comes up at (cough) and gently comes down again from 45 degrees, magic. It’s great to see at night when your lights point upwards into the trees.

Have gotta go to work now so when I get back just after 12 will check this thread n see whats happnin.

O dude I’m cream-crackered but otherwise I’d fancy summat like that. What about the rest of the weekend?

beeen to the pub now so probably best to give this a miss, bit more notice next time yeah?

just got bak from work and feelin totally knackered so gonna go bed n change me name to rip van puppy n catch up on some much needed sleep.

Maybe do this next sat morn then?

Let’s keep as an ‘open’ plan to be thought of each Friday night.