David Blaine

I guess hanging upside down for 60 hours is sort of impressive, but what i find even more amazing is the fact he has managed to keep his sun glasses on pretty much all the way through the stunt.



Is he a Politician? :wink:

If everyone and that includes the press just ignore this attention seeking idiot then he could pull off his greatest trick ever - vanish of the face of the earth!:slight_smile:

this david blaine is a knob they should hang him by his neck for 60 hrs:)

Yep that would have more impressive and one way to get rid of the publicity seeking a-hole

He isn’t even trying any more, is he. At least have a tank of sharks or something below. Spikes, perhaps. He isn’t even wearing a straitjacket, for chrissakes!

It’s a shame he isn’t doing it here - we could’ve had an LB meet to throw rotten fruit and veg at him. :smiley:

funniest thing ever watching david blaine get hit me golf balls when he did his sitting in a plastic box thing at tower bridge

yea…i remember the golf balls…:D.

i also remember the model helicopter with a big mac strapped to the nose and flown up to said box…lolol

that was classic:w00t:.


yep, was totally justified, he can make a complete ar-se of himself and its only right taht the typical british sense of humour goes one further :P:P:P

i remember when he was being interviewed on gmtv he didnt have anything to say all he done was look like a gormless knob and show a tattoo of an eyeball on his hand what a twat!

anyone remember that?:smiley:

I can`t stand him, as he is a waste of time doing all these things.

ha ha ha yep, the things the stroker does, it gets worse.

in case you were unaware (and apologise if this has already been up) but he did not actually stay up for 60 hours, he came down for 10 minutes every hour for a drink and a p!ss…

so in actual fact the guy is a nobber again

He finished the stunt off with the ‘Dive of Death’

It was a jump of 44 feet and according to the announcer “A feat that has never been done before” and doubts that it will ever be done again.

It turns out to be a rather feeble bungie jump :smiley:

Check out the Youtube video Here (Sorry, I don’t know how to embed it)

It’s funny to hear the announcer bigging it up and the crowds boos and calls of “You suck” afterwards :smiley: