David Beckham again

A plane was about to crash and there were 5 people on board and only four parachutes. The first person said. “I am Roy Keane, one of the best footballers in Ireland. I am worth a lot of money and my fans need me so I think I should be saved.” The others agreed and gave him one of the parachutes and off he went. The second person said “I am Gerry Adams, a radical Irish politician who can really help my country and I think I should be saved.” The others said “O.K.” and gave him a parachute. The third person said “I am David Beckham, captain of the English National squad. I have a wife and two sons. Everyone knows I am a really nice guy and everyone thinks I am stupid, but I’m not, so I am taking a parachute.” and off he went. There were two folk left, the Pope and a 10 year old schoolgirl. The Pope said, “Child, I am old and frail and have lived my life while you are young with everything before you. You take the parachute and I will stay with the aircraft and take my chance”. “It’s O.K.” said the girl, “there are still two parachutes. David Beckham picked up my schoolbag.”

Poor Beckham

ha ha, is it just me or do most people into bike hate football???

22 men kicking a dead pig around some grass, while the fans kick sh1t out off each other

LOL… Liked that one…