Datatool S4 Nudge Sensor

Hiya folks,

When my alarm is fully armed I find that the sensitivity on the nudge sensor varies loads. Some days the smallest tap will trigger it… but more often than not it doesn’t seem to react to much.

Does that seem about right, or do you think something might be up with it?


now i’m no alarm expert by any means! but from looking at mine i reckon that the wire that isn’t attached to anything that comes out the main unit (dunno if yours has this?) is what controls the nudge sensor. i’ve played around with mine ie. just letting it sit freely or wrapping it round a bolt or whatever and that seems to make it more or less sensitive. dunno if that’s just coincidence though to be honest.

Pretty sure I read in the destruction manual, when I made a half hearted attempt to read it, that you can adjust the sensitivity on an S4, or even turn the nudge off.

My S4 is very sensitive at all times. I have to stay with the bike when I set it becuase at least half the time it goes off and I have to reset it.

I have an S3 on the ninja and it was pretty good. Dave had to sort my nearside front indicator and although he put the alarm onto the ‘sleep’ mode it still played up when he tried to reset it. We’ve tried spiking it and everything but in the end we had to leave the thing disconnected. We’ve tried getting advice from Datatool but they aren’t giving us any info that will sort it.
Think I might be replacing the whole unit!

Thanks for the replies, I took a look in the manual and there are different levels of sensitivity for the shock sensor, but only a dealer can change them… maybe it’s just not set too high - will get them to have a look next time I’m down there.

Surely the market is wide open for someone to come in and make an alarm that is reliable. They can’t be that complex compared to an iPod or other similarly priced piece of kit. Datatool seem to have the monopoly on alarms yet they so often cause problems…

All Datatool S4 settings are adjusted by sofware, so don’t go connecting any of the spare wires to anything as you may cause damage. To make any changes the first thing you have to do is program in a pin number. This pin can also be used to disarm your system if your remote is lost or fails. These software switches are a bit complicated to adjust and this is where the problems start. When alarms are fitted, some installers are a bit lazy about setting up the motion and nudge sensors because of the time factor. The alarms, overall are reliable and the software switch system change a lot of the functions via the igniton switch and the remote. There are two user definable switches which control siren tones and the way the system arms, (pasive immobiliser, which is the default and passive full arming). Then there are the eight engineers switches which can be used to erase lost transmitters, diagnostics,turn on arm/disarm tones, disable the panic button, return to default settings, and of course adjust the nudge/motion sensors. The movement sensor has 4 degree settings and the nudge sensor has 10 settings. There, I thinks that about covers it. If anyone is having a major problem with their motion sensor let me know, I can talk people through the process.