Datatool immobiliser problems

Has anyone ever removed a datatool duo immobilizer from their bikes?

Mine is becoming increasingly problematic to disarm, simple things like stopping for petrol result in several minutes trying to get the thing disarmed just so i can start the bike up again.

If im riding in the wet and any moisture gets on the key fob touch plate then it becomes even more troublesome.

I need to remove the immobiliser from the bike before i get stranded unable to disarm the thing.
(This has already happened to me with another data tool product, the system 3 alarm/imobiliser on a different bike)

If anyone has removed theirs or knows how to bypass the immobiliser can you let me know how to go about it with out the need for a specialist?

Obviously due to the nature of the thread its probably better to send me a PM rather than post on the public forum.


lots off ppl have removed the alarms

rip the whole thing off, what a fucking useless thing they are.