Datatool immobiliser for sale

£30 to anyone on here

Good luck with that


Are they that bad?


I hated it. But I’m hoping there is someone out there that thinks its a good idea

I have an immobiliser that I think is a good idea! Mainly because, if it breaks, I know exactly how to bypass it and I have the bits and pieces with me to do so. An attacker would have to spend some time working out how to do that - precious time which may stop the bike being pinched (if they grind through the Almax Immobiliser III and the alarmed disk lock…).

Yesterday in London, when I got back to my bike, someone’s Hornet had been stolen from the same bay. His security was…“the factory security that comes with the bike”! I asked if he knew what that was, he said he wasn’t sure. He then watched me remove my chain, my disk lock, disable the alarm and immobiliser, and ride home (in the rare flash of sunshine - it was raining again 20 minutes later, but at least I didn’t have to walk home all dressed in bike gear holding a helmet!).

Interestingly there was a lovely Ducati parked in the same bay (seriously, if I owned a Ducati I wouldn’t park it in London). It didn’t get taken, despite having the same amount of obvious security as was described with the Hornet. Seems to me like that would have been a better target, but hey…

Either way, hope you manage to sell your immobiliser :slight_smile:

Maybe the Ducati arrived afterwards?
Or maybe they wanted the hornet for specific parts?

Yeah they are good ideas, but mine was fitted in a stupid place.
It took me a good 5-10 mins just to deactivate the immobiliser and get the engine running (because of where it was positioned.)

It was a terrible unit he had fitted so what’s going on it now?

I’ve put a hawk alarm / immobiliser on it.

They are cheap, but they are also very reliable. I’ve had hawk alarms on 99% of my bikes. The only one that I didn’t have one on got nicked!

Although this is the first hawk one I’ve bought that talks. I was kinda hoping it would be a sexy female voice, but it an old man that’s not very attractive.