Datatool evo veto alarm

How the hell do I fit it, all cables have colours written on them anyone have a wiring diagram?


Mate throw it in the bin, They are **** alarms! I have one on my gsxr which will be getting removed.

Is it new or used?

Bin it!!!

Ah I see, that good then.

I have an early one which works fairly inconsistently, especially annoying when it refuses to go into valet mode. When armed, sometimes it’s on a hair trigger, others it requires a bomb to set it off. They have improved, I’m told, but not much as they’ve also got more complicated or feature-rich. And other makes are supposed to be even worse.

Try it you’ll like it! Then bin it…

get a pro to fit it insurance wise it needs to be fitted by a authorised fitter

i think my ones ok

Mine drained the battery in days rather than weeks and worked when it felt like it.

stick it on ebay :smiley:

Ive got a datatool 3 thingumigig works ok, just gotta get the idiot guide for it, as never got one with bike and you can apparently arm/disarm still if ya batts flat in keyfob


Stuck at the very tip of Northern Norway with alarm sounding and an immobilised bike, on the phone to the dealer at 5.00 pm on a Friday, ours would not disable. Turned out to be some water in the hand control in the end and using the spare one (which was in a hotel 30 miles away) eventually worked.

I have the user manual here will swap for photos of connections!

PS still have chain thingy - will be at Ace Friday between 7 + 8pm


working friday but will try n get to Ace sat/sun thought ricky wanted splitter ?