Datatool Alarms fitted in 1993

Ok so here be my problem.

My alarm has reactivated itself after battery removal but the remote thingy is knackered and I did not get the key to deactivate the system when I bought the bike in 2004.

This system obviously not made anymore cos cannot find reference to it on the datatool website.

It was fitted in 1993 and the invoice I have says it is a Datatool 50.

Has anyone else got this same system and have you ever had to replace the remote.

Any advice would be appreciated




have you checked the battery in the fob ? if the screw thats holds it together isn’t obvious then it’s normally under the sticker on the back if you stuck and have to remove it , its quite easy , i wont post too many details here for obvious reasons , but if you get really stuck PM me

thats if you can’t fix it , and if your not too far from erith i’ll give you a hand

Ok, got touchpad to work but alarm not disarming.

also what happens if you have the battery in your fob die? do you have to recode it once the battery is replaced? i don’t have any of the paper work with the original codes.

Ok thanks

Put new batteries into the fob and is working now without having to recode anything.

I think I will take the fob to a datatool supplier to see if I can get a replacement because I still have to press it a couple of times before it works and is not the type that has a screw to hold it together, it just clips together and comes apart too easily.

Emailed Datatool and herewith their reply:

“Thank you for your e-mail.I’m afraid we stopped producing spare parts for your alarm a fair while ago so the remotes are not available any more.”

The last thing i need is the remote packing up completely, so is there a diy solution to removing an antiquated datatool 50 alarm?


My data tool packed up and left me stranded (on the drive!). Mine was, I guess about 8 years old. It could have packed up miles away but thankfully did not. Un picking it was not as traumatic as I anticipated. Work from the box and see where they have cut into your wiring harness. Mine spliced into the fuel pump and the starter solenoid. In addition it piggy backed some leads going into the fuse box. The original wiring harness diagram was also essential. All in all an hours work. My thoughts are now that these things are not as well engineered as the OE parts of your bike and you are living on borrowed time until it leaves you stranded.
Best of luck

Probably take me an hour just to figure out the wiring diagram :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that, been putting off removal cos at the moment no problems, but you are right certainly don’t want to be stranded miles from home.