Datatool alarm wiring


Having just brought a datatool alarm (as my meta is nackered) off ebay the s4-c1 cat one alarm i thought it would come with a wiring diagram…but NO! nuts!!!

can you help? :slight_smile:

These need to be installed by a qualified fitter for you to obtain the
insurance discount certificate…
I could not get a wiring diagram for my Datatool for this reason. (Said they also did not want to ‘publish’ the connections to make it easier for thieves)


I know someone who will install for £70-£90 Fully licensed by Datatool, He does all my bikes and is very professional and quick. Pm for details :wink:

Thanks for that, I feel I’m more than capable of fitting the alarm and to date I’m the only person to have worked on my bike so far, I know it like the back of my hand. It’s my baby.

Lets face it if the thieves have the option to remove the system from my bike ‘they already have it! Also they then only need to trace the loom from the alarm re attach or detach the wires and its job done!

The discount is also not worth worrying about on a bike a few years old get a quote with an alarm and without it’s only a few quid difference? The alarm for me is just piece of mind and a deterrent to the opportunist thief not the professionals…and lets me know when the kids are arsing about in my shed!!! I hate kids especially my own!

still need the wiring diagram though…Please. Come on somebody must know?

I have it and the alarm is fitted :slight_smile: …its not what, but who u know!!!


Hello, everyone. I’m a newbie. I have a similar problem…got the same Datatool Cat1 S4 alarm off ebay for my ZX636 but no fitting info or diagram…Because it’s used the colour codes at the end of wires ave been cut so have no idea about what does what, any help appreciated.

This isn’t a sensible question to ask on a bike forum, especially one where many of it’s members have lost their bikes this year.

It isn’t rocket science to test electrical connections and trace wires to find out how the alarm is connected. I have to do this myself to correct the bodge job the professional installer did.

I can understand why you want to install the alarm yourself and agree that the certificate of install isn’t worth sh*t really, but to publish information on how to do so with a wiring diagram, on a public forum would make the life of a thief even easier, and you don’t really want that…Do you? :unsure:

Wasn’t there a thread here a while ago about someone who had a problem with an alarm. For £5 bought the wiring diagram off the internet and the solution involved a paperclip?

Afro - point taken and I agree…that’s why we have something called PM (Private/Personal Message) :slight_smile:

Yeah, exactly :cool:

Hi ima newbie here> dunno if n e 1 can shed sum light on my alarm problem. brought a cbr of a family member and they had it in storage for some time. they took out the datatool alarm fuse to save the battery. but now when the fuse is replaced the sound from the alarm is barely audible. is my alarm knackered or is there a remedy.>>>>/?? PLease help me!!!

all these questions about alarms from new members are a bit suspecious i would be carefull what you answer on this thred

+1 Don’t publish how to help a thief nick ur pride and joy :smiley:

Mate im not a bike theif, i love my pride and joy just as much as any biker on here. the only reason i came on this site was that i thought it would be a friendly community with knowledge on how to get my alarm workin not tips on how to nick bikes. I worked my ******** off to pay for it and now youve got the ordasity to indirectly call me a bike theif?! thanks mate, thanks.

mate I dont think he means your a bike thief, and it is a friendly site, when I had trouble with my datatool alarm I rang datatool for diagram to remove it but THEY wont give you one I had to go to an authorised dealer, lots of people had probs with datatool so changed mine for summat else

Calm down fella - he’s not pointing fingers at anyone. Simply alerting members to the possibility that IF thieves were to be coming on and tryign to dig this sort of info from a public forum… they would more likely be new members whoa re not known to the forum - as opposed to established members.
He is not saying you are a thief, but simply that you are another newbie asking alarm woring/operating questions…

As pointed out - please bear in mind that many people have lost their bikes on here in recent months… You highlighted that you worked very hard for your bike. Good on you. So you must be able to appreciate other member’s efforts in making sure your bike stays safe!

this is a friendly forum, and this thread has got your back up over a matter of one member just alerting other established members to the POSSIBLE threat that might be people joining with very diff intentions to yourself…

It seems from reading past answers that it is a grey area that the companies dont wish to help too much with publicly… partly to keep lining their pockets, but also partly for the same reason that we are stressing here - security.

Good bunch on here - dont let one person’s well-meant comment put you off getting involved bud.

Chill, not calling you a Thief :slight_smile:
I’m just making a statement in general;)

As already mentioned, talk of bike alarms are a grey area and we don’t who is asking the question.

It is a good friendly bunch on this forum with a sense of humor :wink:

Sorry, if you took it the wrong way:)

I’m with the other guys, best not to advertise these things too much.

Its not hard to wire back in with some homework on the net about testing the wiring etc.
Once you get the power sorted its just a case of working back from there.

I had a datatool on my old bike that had been officially installed. I took it off for various reasons a couple of years later, and I was shocked how quickly I had the bike back to stock - seriously it was about 15 minutes and that was with the time to carefully take the side panel off.

Over the years I realised that an alarm is only any good if you are in earshot and to stop joy riders. A £20 one off ebay will be just as good to let you know about it. Anything more is only good if you want the insurance benefits and maybe slightly better immobilising.

I found its always worth putting in a good old immobiliser switch in the wiring - the idea’s been around for many many years. Again not going into detail and its not for those who don’t know what they’re doing, but you can hide it where you want so a thief will never know where to look.

i wasnt calling anyone a theif,alarms are for security,as said befor alot of us have had bike stolen.

Sorry for coming off rude i shouldnt of got soo backed up about it. i realise how it looks as a newbie asking questions about alarms.
Thanks everyone for the advice. it seems im gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new alarm. I wish id picked on up from excel on sunday bike show thinking about it now…:w00t: