Datatool Alarm Prob

Hi folks,

Have a datatool 21 / 3 alarm on my Kwak ZX6r.

Put bike in garage last night, alarm set automatically upon putting her to sleep.

Went to get her up from the garage, nothing working. Alarm wouldn’t deactivate and didn’t go off. Moved bike (nothing, motion sensor didn’t kick in) and started bike up. Alarm didn’t go off!

Rode bike to work. turned her off. Alarm didn’t activate. Couldn’t set it manually. LED also not on.

Any ideas, Battery in fob appears fine, as lights up. Alarm just appears dead! hecked in line fuse, replaced it.

Any ideas where I start?

Also, do they come with a 3 year waranty, and if so, I might be in luck. Only prob is that I got it from Colin Collins and they no longer exist. Will any datatool dealer take it in for waranty work?

Any advice or help greatly appreciated.


Almost three years old now (approx 2 weeks short) went to get bike out of grage

Mine is exactly the same (It’s a 21 too). Stopped working completely. Dealer has confirmed it’s officially “dead” and apparently they tend to do that after a couple of years (mine has only been on the bike just over a year). The system 4 is supposed to be better, but at over 300 notes installed, I won’t be buying Datatool again. Very poor.