datatag motorcycle marking system

ive had this kicking about already got one fitted on my bike so its gotta go. its a complete kit ready to be fitted and help turn those thiefs away.

rrp £60 my price £30

heres some info about it;

The Datatag motorcycle identification system has now been in use since April 1992 and there are currently over 500,000 motorcycles protected by Datatag in the UK. The theft rate on these tagged machines is less than a 10th of the rate before Datatag was developed and, because of the large number of tagged machines now around, the whole theft picture for bit bikes has changed for the better. Based around electronic transponders that provide an electronic “finger print” to key components, the kit also uses chemical etching and includes 1000 microdots for minor components.

The best way to prevent your motorcycle being stolen in the first place is to have Datatag fitted when you buy the machine. The Datatag electronic anti-theft system consists of tiny transponders that are hidden in your motorcycle, as well as Datadot microdots and other identification technology. This multi-layered identification system enables the Police to identify the true owner of any Datatagged motorcycle, even if the number plate and identification numbers have been removed or changed.
Datatag has a 100% success rate, and criminals are well aware that the CPS has never lost a court case in which Datatag has been used in evidence. As soon as thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your motorcycle they will usually leave it well alone and go looking for an easier target.

sold pending payment