Datatag- easy to install yourself?

Just had a long, tedious conversation with my insurer where I tried adding and removing different security devices to try to reduce my premium and something interesting came up.

If I install a £300 Datatool alarm/immobiliser my insurance goes down £70 a year.
If I install a £68 Datatag, my insurance goes down £70 a year.
If I have both then my insurance still only goes down by £70 a year. (Which seems a bit stupid).

Has anyone installed Datatag themselves?
What I’ve read on Datatag seems pretty light on installation documentation.

I think you need to express that as a percentage, £70.00 off my premium would bring it down to £63.00

What they’re saying is there is a cap on security related discounts and whether you get Datatooled or Datatagged or Datatooled and Datatagged you’ll reach the capped discount limit.

Well, I’m a new rider, living in London so mine is considerably more and I want fully comp.
Also I cannot put the Immobiliser IV or the ground anchor on as security devices because they aren’t portable and I cannot use them 100% of the time.

We’re talking circa £500 p.a.
At least I’m over 40, with a clean license though- I’d imagine it would be considerably more otherwise.

Just read on the Dataag site all triumphs from 2013 onward are being Datatagged from the factory

interesting video on Youtubie

Thanks for the video Art- that helps.

My trumpet is an 09 so no factory datary-tagum for me, I’m afraid.

Data tag is very simple to do, that’s why it’s sold as a DIY kit, you have a stencil you wipe over the fluid and a cylinder applicator that you dab the dots on with on all your panels, you also used to get (not sure if you still do) a little transponder that you inject into the seat and it works like a dog microchip.

You didn’t watch the video then Sam :Whistling:

Or maybe even look at Arts post as the still in the video window is showing him injecting a transponder into a cable loom… :w00t:

We watched it and appreciate your efforts Art in posting the video…

Lol, nah I get bored with them vids :slight_smile:

Datatag is pretty easy to install (done it myself recently), just a bit laborious (1-2h). No idea how useful it is though, but let’s hope we’ll never need to actually use it :slight_smile: