Database helpppp!

Just buggering about with the new version of Access 2010.

Microc0cks have removed the “Data Access Pages” feature present in Access 2003 to try and coerce you into buying Sharepoint in addition to Access.

I want people to be able to view an Access database but without opening it in MS Access i.e. by opening it in a web browser. Trying to google this and getting nowhere - people banging on about ASP this and ODBC that and frankly thats a little beyond my skillset!

Any simple solutions!?

Not by the look of things. I’d never heard of DAP’s but a quick search reveals its been deprecated since Access 2007.

I don’t know how much functionality you had in your DAP’s but dependent on that will determine how “simple” a solution would be.

ASP this and ODBC that basically means you need a Web developer I’m afraid. And to be up to date you’d need (.Net framework SP4 IIRC) its quite a steep learning curve if you’ve no time to get into it I’m afraid…

On the other hand investing in some time to understand how web servers and web apps connected to a DB work would be a good investment of time. I would also suggest you look at open source solutions, such as MySQL with PHP, ruby on rails or some such so you’re not tied into Micro$oft as an example.

The easy option would be to stay on Access 2003 on Windows XP! You can run that in a VM no probs on a modern PC :D!!! The future’s bright. The futures virtual! I could set you up a vagrant instance controlled by puppet to ensure you have a fully CM’ed solution :smiley:

Hey! On the bright side. You’ve had almost 10 years out of Access 2003!! :stuck_out_tongue: