data tag, alpha dot etc

WO are they worth it? I’m getting a bit paranoid my bike will get knicked. is there a GPS tracker you can fit to the bike? then when it gets stolen me and my brother can go smash the place up, I mean call the police


A nice big hefty Almax chain is really the only way to go.

The others you’ve mentioned only come into their own once the deed is done. Ask any copper, they haven’t got the resource to chase after every GPS tracker hit they get.

Use the search option above (top of screen) for the subject of trackers Luke. It’s a can of worms mate!
You’d need to ask a bike thief how much of a deterrent they are. Some of those here have had good results with Trackers.
I have mine datatagged mainly as its cheap & simple/forget about it etc.

Datatag etc. are not really theft deterrents in themselves, but what they do is allow the police to prove that an item is stolen, without it, proving for example. a fairing panel & pair of wheels found in the possession of Johnny Scrote are stolen is pretty difficult.