… after what feels like an eternity to have to wait for… had my DAS course this week… tues til today… I PASSED!! with two minor faults… wooooooo hooooooo one more biker chick!! :smiley:

Well done fellow biker chick :smiley:

What ya getting or you already got a big bike?

Congratulations, awesome feeling, still remember it clearly:D

Hopefully see you out on some of the rides.

i was hoping on putting a deposit down on hels hornet once i had passed but looks like its been sold on… so defo lookin for another hornet to love…

… best feelin ever! cant wait to go on hols… get to ride my bros girlfriends bro’s (long aint it) blue hornet on summer hols… woo hoo!



Well done! Drinks are on you :wink: :smiley:

Well Done, now hurry and get a bike


Well done Amanda now you’ll be able to play with the ‘big boys’ on the bike instead of the car :smiley:

not interested in the boys… only the toys theyre riding :smiley:

Very well done on passing:D

well done :smiley:

Congrats! Awesome Job. Just out of interest what were your 2 minors?

Mine was a missed lifesaver for the first and the second I pulled the clutch in on the em. stop <-- dunno why I did that never done it before and never done it since!

WOOOT another bikerchick! :w00t:

the first one was i hestitated bout movin out into a main road to cut thru to go straight across… apparently there was plenty of room to go in between the cars on the main road… i didnt wana risk it and make a minor a major fault so waited til it was nice and clear to set off

and the second was on the road back to the test centre… cud see if at the top of the road and jus wanted to get back asap… moved out to the middle of the road and was overtakin parked cars when a cage decided to do the same so i thought i was here first u stop… apparently this is the wrong thing to do!

Thanks everyone!x

Congratulations! :smiley:

You’ll still be grinning this time next week!

That’s superb. Congratulations and well done! One of the best feelings in the world.

Hornet, great choice of bike. You’ll love it!

good to hear.

again thanks for all the nice comments… im so glad i passed first time… was wrecking my brains trying to do everything right. :smiley:

so worked up even forgot that its sis in laws bday… oops! x

Sterling job!! Congratulations!! I bet you’re grinning from ear to ear :cool::smiley:

you little gem;).

i knew you would pass hunny…bloody well done amanda!!!

cant wait to see ya and give you a big squishy:w00t:


Well done !!