DAS Recommendations in London area

Hi All

Doesnt matter if its slightly outside London either, but can anyone recommend a DAS course for my friend?


Which bit? London is a big place and I am not sure any school is so good as to be worth travelling 30 miles to be there for 8am.

But I went with Sutton Motorcycle Training in Sutton, Surrey and would happily recommended them. And the Mod 1 practice was at the DVLA centre in Mitcham.

Phoenix Motorcycles Croydon I found really good.

Another endorsement for Phoenix here. They have a few locations so check out the website. I did cbt in Croydon and mod 1 & 2 in Sidcup. Good school, good people.

+1 to Phoenix, I did my DAS with them in Ewell some years back, and I have a friend doing theirs with Robin there this very week.

They seem to teach “above” DAS standard in that they’ll ingrain thinking about positioning, observation, etc. as a foundation towards advanced training/IAM.