DAS in South London

hi all,

my housemate has decided to do his DAS as his CBT runs out soon and he is looking to move on from his little scooter.

i did mine about 3 years ago in north London (Eastside Riders who were excellent) but we are now living in Balham so was wondering if anyone could recommend a training school in that sort of area? obviously willing to travel a bit, and it would be great if anyone who has a good experience recently could pass on details.


Advantage Wimbledon. They did mine, found them good and friendly.


My boyf is doing his CBT tomorrow Elite training in Wembley…if they’re good, he’s gonna do his DAS with them too. Let me know if you find any other info out as we’re looking too :slight_smile:

I used these guys www.aceridertraining.co.uk and found them really good. Friendly and patient and good price. They operate from East Ewell but I think there are other areas covered. Best of luck.

advantage wimbledon done my dsa there and sent my friend there for a cbt in 2 weeks

I’m with you on this one mate! Very good instructors. I did the course in Ewell, and found it to be very well taught.
I went on to pass my test first time, even though I’d never ridden a bike before the beginning of the week! :slight_smile:

DG Rider Training, Orpington takes some beating.

Apart from the Dave, you get to ride some of the best country in England.

I went to Metropolis but didn’t like them.

So…my boyf went to do his CBT, and the instructor told him he wasn’t safe to go out on the road…he didn’t fall off, he didn’t crash, he didn’t lose control of the bike at any stage, performed all the manouvres required…but he stalled twice at the start of the day, and this was why he wasn’t considered safe.

How can this be? Especially when the instructor was happy to leave him on his own to ride around the compound while he spent more time with the other riders? There were 2 others on twist and go’s, and a polish chap on a geared bike who had a polish licence so had ridden for a while. And yet he said that the fact that he stalled at the start meant he wasn’t confident to take my poor boyf out. I’m so angry!

When I did my CBT I fell off, stalled and crashed, and I still managed to pass it.

Eastside riders are brilliant…are they really far to you?

Hmm, try passmasters in ruislip, they’re great

I rarely post on LB any more . . . mainly cos of posts like yours.

Firstly, I know the instructor your ‘poor boyfriend’ had for his CBT. He’s a highly respected instructor who has been teaching for nearly a decade and riding 3 times longer than that and a damn sight better qualified than you are to judge a prospective rider. If he says your bloke isn’t safe to go out on the road then he’s doing him, and the rest of us road users a favour.

Your claim that “the instructor was happy to leave him on his own to ride around the compound” is out of context and biased which gives a distorted view of the truth that reflects poorly and very unfairly on the instructor.

Your BF was lucky to have an instructor who wouldn’t just give away a CBT . . . it’s sounds like you on the other hand wasn’t so lucky.

passed with them too, good instructors, think they are bigger now, ie more instructors.

So how do you explain the fact this company had a guy there taking his 3rd CBT with this company, had another guy there on his 5th attempt at DAS and have had appalling reviews online…including poor instructor to pupil ratio and only 3 out of 8 passing on average? (These are stats that I have found from some more extended research).

How also, is it out of context to be left unattended by an instructor for over 30minutes but yet not be considered safe to be taken out on the road, with the only justification being that he stalled the bike twice?

I am taking the information as I have been given…and asking the questions on that basis, so please don’t attack me for being unhappy with a service. It’s not an unfair reflection on the instructor, it was in fact a question posed. I am in fact, angry, but also confused and wondering why exactly that would happen which is why the question is posed. I, as it happens, don’t have a personal relation at all, negative or positive, with the instructor or company, whereas you do, so perhaps you should address quite who is being biased.

Motag, Crystal Palace!! Highly recommend them. Google them and get their details, can’t go wrong with 'em in my book.

i trained with crystal palace motag and passed everything first time for my A2 test, they are great. They got a largeish area to train unlike the little place i did my cbt with.

Start DAS with advantage Wimbledon on monday and will let you know how they are,elite are good but expensive

Agreed - Motag have loads of space - based in the Stadium in Crystal Palace Park. I found them very good.

Did I say I have a “personal relation” to the instructor? Perhaps you should address not making assumptions.

I have spent a number of days with Elite in a professional capacity so have seen first hand how committed their instructors are. I’d be interested to know the source of your ‘extended research’.

Are you suggesting your partner was left entirely on his own? I think his version of events may be lacking in some of the more important details. If you’re so sure that he’s been hard done by, call the school and speak to the instructor. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to explain the reasons that your partner wasn’t considered safe to ride on a public road.

The Instructor to pupil ratio you mention is commonly up to a maximum of 4 students to 1 Instructor. It’s the same at most schools.

Do you think the Instructors have nothing better to do than single someone out for ‘unfair treatment’?

Sorry but it sounds like sour grapes to me.