DAS Course

My wife is finally doing her DAS - thank god - can anyone recommend instructors/schools etc in the Mill Hill/Hendon/North London area.

Found Camrider but they do their DAS courses over a 2-3wk period with half day sessions spread out…seems a weird way to me, I did the 5 day straight course - worked for me!


have you looked at probiketaining.com they cover north east london if this helps

North London Motorcycle Training based in Edgeware. Great bunch of guys and they got me through my DAS first time with no prior riding experience :w00t:

Anyone heard of Fasttrak - based at 1stline Motorcycles in Arnos Grove??

I have heard of them but am not aware of what there like.

Slocums in Wilesden/ Dollis hill are very good

Try Learner Rider Training, they got me through my Restricted access fisrt time and then again for my DAS. www.learner-rider.co.uk, based up in Hemel.

They gave you the choice of doing 5 straight days as well as splitting it up over several days.