DAS course please recommend.

Hi can anyone recommend these people in Surrey for DAS TRAINING:

ACE in Epsom


THINKBIKE in Coulsdon / Richmond.

Appreciate any input good or pants.


I went with M&D motorcycle training based in Guildford and passed 1st time.

Google it for their website, but I havn’t a scooby about any of those on your list I’m afraid.

Thanks for the reply,I didn’t know about them. Did a google and those 3 came up. I booked with Fiona at Ace Rider Training in Epsom… £564 including the test but an extra £26 for collision damage waiver.
It was a bit steep but not too different from the others in the area.

PH Motorcycle training section… ART motorcycle training in Crawley wanted the same amount for two full days and the third day includes the test but you still have to get down to Burgess Hill to the test center… so similar price and one whole day less, plus I had to e-mail and phone multiple times. Bit disappointed as they’ve got a great shop.

I was a bit put off with Think Bike, did my CBT through them and the one guy who gave me most of the training was patient, while one of the other blokes was just condescending and a bit of a knob so I didn’t go with them in case I got stuck with him for three days.

Oh well it’s booked so we will see how it goes, I think Fiona and her husband run a small family business from home so I’ll give you some feedback after the test. Somone told me not to go with a femal trainer but I don’t care what’s between their legs as long as it’s a motorbike and they know how to use it and teach me along the way.


I paid £535 for 5 days DAS including CBT and test fees with M&D last January if that helps.