DAS around brixton

Hello out there!!!

I’m looking forward to do my DAS course and I gotta say I am an alright rider!! ('course every1 says dat!!!)

I have been riding a CDR 125 and I am really tired now, gotta get my self a big bike!!

But first thing first… where do I go for my trainning!!!

I live in the brixton area and will be looking forward to get some advice from people whom have done their trainning in centres around my area!! Please help… it’s a big decision they all look so professional!!!


I can recommend Metropolis at Vauxhall, and especially a chap called Terry who taught me. It may be a bit more expensive than some others though, because, I imagine, their rent is higher due to the more-central location.

i used motag in crystal palace who were very good. Please bear in mind that was 10 years ago so i’m not sure if they are still there. Unfortunately the person who taught me, who was brilliant, no longer teaches there but is now a police officer.

We live in Brixton and my girlfriend is looking to do her DAS but she has found it is a lot cheaper if you do it out of town.

100 per cent would recommend Motag. I’m based your way and found them a very good school - in Crystal Palace, so easy to get to. Have no complaints with them at all.

Cheers fellas!

Great advice, I wouldn’t mind riding to CrystalPalace it’s not too far… does any1 have the details for Motag??? I would like to try them out!!!

Has any1 else got anything else to say about Metropolis??? :hehe:

Cheers!! :slight_smile:

I have got them somewhere, so will have a search this weekend and PM you. Martin North was the person who sorted out my training and answered all my questions on the phone, so if he still works there ask to speak to him. The school is in Crystal Palace park, near the station, they use the massive carpark near the football stadium.