Dartford Crossing

You’ve read it wrong I think, the way it looks to me is that your car will get a £1 and the trailer will be charged a £1 too.

Indeed:cool:Trailer - Will be charged the same as the vehicle towing it.

I had a letter sent back to me on this, which I got today. Just to let you know that they returned my cheque and apologised.

I dont mind paying - I just think they should be consistent.

driving towards the tunnel on Sunday i stopped at the barriers and in the next gate was a convoy of goldwings.

Because i was in the car i used the autotolls (for cars only) and looked in amusement at the goldwing riders as they couldn’t understand why the barriers wouldn’t open even after they threw a pound into the ‘bin’.

it’s obviously free for bikes anyway.

They even positioned 2 bikes beside beside each other i guess to increase the weight for the barrier.

It’s only the threat of getting caught out by my own barrier that made me move on.

How many Goldwing ‘drivers’ does it take to open a barrier…???

PMSL :smiley:

Be careful, mate. Im sure there will be a Goldwing sympathiser along shortly to tell us why that was intelligent action.

I’ll tell 'em this is a bike forum :smiley:

Do you think the attendant at the crossing was a scooter rider gunning for you? :wink: :Whistling:

I dunno mate. I read the goldwing thing as incidental. Im quite intrigued that they designed it with the ability to run in reverse. But that’s all by the by.

As to scooters having it in for me. Well. That’s a bit sad of them really. Im sure theyve better things they could be doing…

Opinions, mate, they all count, but I just wish people would read posts properly, rather than reading into posts what they want to see.

They have a reverse gear because the riders need to somehow get out of the wrong booth on toll roads :)PPG I think you should change your tag line to ‘One life…Get on with it’ ;)Don’t take the jokers on here too seriously.

Luving your work dude :wink: x