Dartford Crossing

A couple of weeks ago, I went over the Dartford Bridge at about midnight (so, qualify for the cheaper tariffs). I was driving my camper van and trailer. Ive done this journey many times and every time I do, I get charged £1, being classed as a motorhome.

The other night, I only had £1 cash and took this with me, ready to pay. On getting there, I am told that the trailer is classed as a separate vehicle (something that is not indicated clearly by any of the signs). The signs say that a trailer is a ‘tow vehicle’ but do not make it clear that this requires separate payment, nor does it say what payment that should be.

So some jobsworth says to me that its £2 not one and calls over the supervisor, who has me pulled over to the side of the road. She then gives me a proper dressing down and I cant believe I am sitting there listening to it. So I make my argument that its ridiculous that I should be more expensive than a 30 tonne lorry (versus my - what - 3 tonnes?!). She says that it’s cause Im a commercial vehicle and Im not so I protest. Then she says well its the rule and writes me out a ticket which carries a £1 charge (she gives me my £1 back) and it also carries a criminal penalty if not paid!

Man! What a stupid situation! And they dont have a cash point nor to they take cards!

What makes me even angrier is that I came back that way the next day, BEFORE the cheaper tarrif threshold and got charged £1!! I got a receipt and will contest it for sure…

If youre going to enforce something - do it CONSISTENTLY FFS!

I bet if you rang them they would say £1 only, just record the conversation and use that.

Thats ridicules! You go Girl!!!

Looking at this you may have a long battle ahead :frowning:

I’d be positive when you getaway with a quid now and then :wink:


you have a good chance of winning this.

I always pay two english pounds for my car and trailor.

TBH - No wonder the race seems so long if you’re grouching about one hundred pence.

Send me more of those pictures and I’ll bung you another crisp Fifty pound note.

DP xx

theres some pound coins going down leicester square, if u have a hammer and chisel :wink:

You go for it, its only £1 pay its the priciple your fighting.

Grimbusa (22/03/2008)

Looking at this you may have a long battle ahead :(I’d be positive when you getaway with a quid now and then :wink:

http://www.dartfordrivercrossing.co.uk/drc/toll.htm[/quote]Oh well :blush: This makes it clear enough :stuck_out_tongue:

the dartford crossings great , it must be a **** job sittting out there they were probably bored , they do have, an a4 yellow pad form that they can give you, that you post back with a cheque. At least in 05 it wAs possible to go through free, works on the tube as well.

won’t work even with these :slight_smile:

eh!? think you got me mixed up dude! :w00t: ive never sent you any pics…and the bit about the race being long is my generic tagline signature, not specific to this post :hehe:still i have been told a lot of stories about you by Mark (Hill) :stuck_out_tongue:

The signs at the toll itself do not make it this clear. If they had been this clear, I wouldnt have argued the point about notice prior to the toll. As a point of law, they are covered by this link because in the UK you are deemed to know all law, regardless of whether you actually do and its arguable that I could have checked what the price was before I started my journey. HOWEVER, this is one point. My principle point was that you cannot enforce two different payments for the same item and then call one a criminal offence and one not. So I am still going to complain on that basis. Just means my letter is a little shorter :DAnd my posting this was to draw your attention to the attitude and for you to be wary of it, rather than to banter about how Im right or wrong. Just so you know :wink:

Never said youy were right or wrong, just being helpful :blink:

The moral of this story is … Use the Blackwall Tunnel to avoid embarrassing financial positions:)

Sorry dude - wasnt directed at you specifically :smiley:

me!? embarrassed!? surely not…:w00t:

its like most things…some times you get away with something for an age and then suddenly they apply the rules and you get annoyed…but its as it is trailers are a pound but for why I have no idea, to be honest I also wonder why bikes are free, I know there was a big campaign but the toll isnt about keeping the bridge in good condition its about making money…

wasnt the toll only supposed to be temporary anyway…

http://www.dartfordrivercrossing.co.uk/toll_charges.htm looks like your right. The staff their seem to have just backed each other up or something.

I supose we are lucky as our mp has just wangled us thurrock people a very large discount on the dartford river crossing :smiley: woohoo cheaper crossings for us!:stuck_out_tongue: