Dark fingers make me really happy

I love dark chocolate KitKat. In the platonic sense. What’s your favorite chocolate these days?

I also like dark chocolate hazelnut and almond bars from the Sainz.

Do you like the Lindt dark with sea salt? That’s one of my favourites.

When someone offered me that I was like what the [email protected]#k?! Salt in chocolate.

Ah man that stuff is lovely.

Haha yeah when I can’t find it, the Pret dark with sea salt sorts my fix out.

I was always told that dark fingers meant you had the wrong hole

Sorry, I really should stop drinking now.

Dark choc and chilli.

sea salt and caramel…mmmmm

Not salt chocolate fan.

Now dark chocolate hobnobs… that’s another matter. And dark chocolate gingers from Borders.

Homemade chocolate ginger. Crystalised stem ginger in the darkest chocolate you can find. Gorgeous.

Big fan of Green & Blacks white chocolate.

I must confess to being a dark Kit-Kat disciple.

Lindt do a 99% dark chocolate bar but I’ve only ever seen it in France. The great thing about it is that you can’t eat much of it in one go & then only with a drink such as coffee.

In the uk you can buy Lindt 95% choccy, but my gosh it is biiiiiitter - it literally hurts your face to eat it.

I can’t go above 80% and enjoy it. I like Green and Black’s butterscotch too… Mmm all this talk of chocolate!

Dark bitter chocolate and Chilli, for a bar of that I’d have your babies

Dark bitter chocolate and Chilli, for a bar of that I'd have your babies Dizz37
Hahahah! quote of the day!

Chilli chocolate for me.

@banman - do you prefer two or four fingers?

Whoah! One finger at a time Janey!! :scream:

LoL. Would that be a chunky one?