Danno at Brands this morning

nice day at Brands - I’m sure there were some LBers there but I did not know them, meanwhile here’s some pics of Danno


Looking good there mate, was a beautiful day…should have been there…

yes cracking day, am annoyed My R1 is off the road have its winter rest…hmmm…:angry:

I was stuck in Scotland so couldn’t make it - had plenty of friends there though. Rumour has it that there were plenty of prangs in the fast group but the rest were relatively ok.

Anyone who went, hope you had a great day, the weather was perfect, well until that late low sun that can make entering Surtees and Clearways a tad on the interesting time.

Nice pics :cool:

pity i wasnt leaning over more!!!

didnt do the last session of the day which would have been 3.40ish as going into clearways the sun was just to low and you were flying blind into the sun!!!

Was a cracking day - but alas my Tuono got rather beat up after loosing it coming through Clearways. Simple overcooking on the the line I was running and the front let go. The surface wasnt the best but I was pushing the limit anyway. Lots of scratches and pebble dashing but the bungs saved any real breakages so managed to finish the day without further incident. ROll on 08.

saw a couple of tuonos which one were you on the older or new shape one??

i noticed one of them had a muddy back tyre was that you?

Yeah mine was the new one with mud on it. It was hiding the scratches :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the damage.

Some nice snaps there, the official ones should be up on http://www.trackdaydigitalimages.com/ today apparently.

I was there with a few reprobates I know from http://www.boxhill.co.uk all in novices

Me - red (pink :stuck_out_tongue: ) firestorm with Lego© yellow wheels
Roughie (also member on here) CBF1000 decking her pegs at every opportunity
Potee - red 954 blade in couple of your pics
Dr Lurve - in your pics on the repsol blade
Tinks - red/black new blade
Tusky - red firestorm
madforit1984 - virgin rep R6
Guppy - red R6 with red wheels
Miss V - yellow/blue CBR600F
Honda fatboy - on a no limits bike - think it was a zook… he went grasstracking at surtees in the last session, but kept it upright (worried about losing his deposit I’m sure :wink: ) and rejoined at clearways.

Pics are up :slight_smile: finally…

cant see your bike? which section?

sorry but that photographer is really really bad. just had a flick through the fast group pics and he’s managed to take almost all the pictures where the bikes are upright, or the angle makes them look upright. :doze:

…bit disappointed myself. Only one decent pic there and probably on Cleaways just before the front went :smiley: - I was in Intermediates.

i thought the same photoman not really up to much, looks like he took all the pictures in the morning when the track was still damp.

Everyone reckons the pics are naff - such a shame.