Dani Pedrosa

Right I know that the verdict is out on Dani’s charisma but you have got to say that he is one hell of a rider. To ride like he did today with the injuries that he has got.

The likes of Suzi (paine) Perry always slagging him for not talking to her is becoming a pain in the arse, everytime she has got to pass comment, he is most probably of the same point of view as I am she is an arse.

He is paid to ride a bike and get points. And this he has done very bloody well in his rookie year, ok he does not have the character of Rossi but he is good to watch and one of the only guys in years to come that will take Rossi’s title of him.

So my view is just let him ride…

I agree.

Remember Eddie Lawson?

Phenomenal rider but you wouldn’t hang out with him at a party.

Here Here!!! Well said that man!!!

Susie Perry an arse > nice arse!

I’d like to see Suzi’s arse Infact i’d like to do more than just see it…but ahhh yer Pedrosa is a bit lifeless until he gets on a bike. Top rider but we will be going from the most entertaining champ of all time to probably the dullest. No doubt he is a incredible talent though. I hope Capirossi wins a title in motogp before he retires though that boy is just as talented as the rest imo!

Amazing he can ride the way he does after his Charisma bypass operation