Dangerous Undertaking of a Motorbike and Aggressive Behaviour


Yeah, that’s a class A dickhead there…

Are you on L-plates? How long have you been riding in London?

Don’t let these things get to you, best to let them go, stay in front of you where you can see them. Look after yourself!

Well, I think would of let the first undertake pass, but the second two probably would of had me getting off the bike.

Though being on a bigger bike I wouldn’t of been exposed to the second one as I would of been past before he noticed me.

Good advice from Conrad
Don’t let some lower form of life up set your day
Just feel sorry for him in his cage

I am still on the L-plates and I have been regularly riding for just over a year, so yes - I am still learning.

I am not normally bothered by it, but this geezer literally came close enough to make contact and then later even threaten to shoot me in the face which was also nice. I think he was full of **** as he had no weapon and to make it all worse, he had kids with him in the car…

I just felt like posting it after reading about the punch up BBC and most of the time it’s the car drivers that threaten other vulnerable users.

Yeah I see what you’re saying, it’s dangerous and just pretty bad in general…

But if you had let him pass, as you did, and then let him stay ahead of you or just get out of his way, then you’re much less likely to be put at risk by the nob doing something stupid. That’s your only option really seeing as you don’t have a big bike… With a big bike the other option is to speed up and get way ahead of him…

Glad you didn’t get knocked off though - could have got nasty.

Also, try not to be on the right hand side of any other vehicles when approaching or passing right hand turns.

Ride safe

Yup the second one is sooo dangerous…

I’ve had it happen to me a few times, sometimes on 60mph A roads! What I’ve learnt now is if I see a car driver acting dangerous (like you did when he undertook you), only overtake him when you can very easily do so, i.e. on your bike prob best to wait till traffic when you can pass 2-3 vehicles at the same time. That way you are giving yourself distance between him and you rather than having him on your tail…

I agree with Gavin, if that had happened to me I would have got off the bike when we next stopped… as much as I like to say I would be calm and forget about him and let him get away, I know I probably wouldn’t…

Agreed and not ideal. I try not to do that and in this case I would have overtaken him before the junction, if he didn’t decide to push me off.

One more thing. The main point of the video is simply make him and hopefully others (through publishing it) aware, that they cannot get away with this sort of driving. The fact there are no coppers or speed cams, doesn’t mean that there won’t be any evidence of their misbehaviour as he has changed his tune completely once he realised that I was serious and recording him. Hopefully will make him think twice at least before acting like this again towards anyone else.

Wow, what a cock…

I’m sure others will correct me if I’m wrong but you could report him for dangerous driving.
You have the footage etc, and it was (potentially) your life in danger.

I know a few people are thinking… But he didn’t come into contact or that…
But maybe this is what car drivers need, to be reminded of the great technology we call video cameras and just how many people use them.

I would have definitely been off my bike by the end of this, nothing warrants this type of driving.

That video makes me angry, wish I could track him down and take a baseball bat to this windshield.

jeez mate, i can feel my arm and neck getting tense, i would have stuggled to keep my cool. good on you.

If he threatened to shoot you, I’d report him to the police ASAP.

Dangerous driver but one bit of advice

DOMINATE YOUR LANE so stay in the middle of it

I do and in this case I was also taking the whole lane on the approach to the camera, but this guy undertook a number of cars behind me first and probably didn’t even see me or the speed cam. I only caught him in the mirror and had to move as there was no space for him without hitting me as he clearly though there won’t be anyone there.

For anyone familiar with this route, he continued undertaking everyone all the way past the petrol station and the following junction before going into almost stand still and this is why I have managed to catch up with him - no that I was trying to. As I was filtering, I eventually came next to him and since I was filtering, I wasn’t in the middle of the road either.

For now I am not going to loose my sleep over it. Not the first one and probably not the last one either.

Is not sleep over it Pawel. You have to understand that if nothing will be done with [email protected] like this he thinks that everything is OK to be a [email protected]
That’s the problem with dangerous drivers or anything related. If crime is committed why let people to get away with it? Next time it might be your friend on the bike with a bit less of luck? Have you thought about it that way?


trying to run someone off the road and threatening to shoot them is wholly unacceptable behaviour and if I was you I would be reporting the incident to the police.

not condoning the car drivers behaviour as it was atrocious but the situation could have been avoided by letting him carry on after the first pass and let him become someone elses problem.

ride safely and enjoy life,hes the one whos sad driving a cage in London

just my humble opinion

You can report this driver to the police and they may follow it up. Even if it’s only a letter on police letterhead that can give people a real fright. You’ll know that if you’ve ever received and NIP.

How much do you all want to do that? £2.50 and a week or two wait via the DVLA paid enquiry service - http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/AdviceOnKeepingYourVehicle/V888.pdf

Not that I’m suggesting London Bikers, becomes ‘sons of anarchy’ style group… :wink: