dangerous mobile camera under Westway A40

watch out for some tw*ts using mobile speedtrap cameras on the road UNDER the A40 westway, parrallel to Royal Oak Tube, just after paddington - the transition from daylight to the gloom under the flyover makes them invisible till the last minute - I locked by brakes trying not to hit the car in front who braked heavily at the last minute.

I’m not anti speed cameras where they’re safe, but this location is absurd!

Well known spot for them. Partly because they have the space at the side of the road to pull people in. The cynical amongst us might say it’s not because of it’s a dangerous bit of road to speed on, but it is convienient.

You should write the London Camera Safety Partnership as your near miss accident should be an issue for them, although I guess they’ll just say your following distance must have been too short!

Mind you they may even have recorded the whole session, so there might well be video proof of you nearly going in the back of this car. You could be very annoying and ask for the footage under the FOI and report them to the HSE :w00t:

I was up in Oxfordshire at the weekend and despite there being a big national speed limit sign prior to a fixed camera on a single carriageway road this stupid woman braked for it… she went down to 40mph in a 60mph zone… some people are so stupid they’re lethal.

Yep regular spot for them, a shame too, because its lovely to zing through that tunnel.

Zinging doesnt help -it IS dangerous there, due to the traffic lights/crossing immediately after the change in daylight - if there’s a history of accidents there, they should put a static camera with an illuminated warning sign in advance, not just seek to line their coffers with easy pickings whilst doing their bit to reduce the human population!!!

I would have to disagree with you there about it being dangerous,

To me a tunnel with no side roads/entrances/exits or any pedestrians is far safer to go quickly through than say a high street.

Plus you say change to daylight, but there is the small matter of the A40 flyover running directly above.

But i guess its against the law…