Dangerous bull ****

Yep had it a few time, Buses and Lorrys … scum

I had the same instructor for CBT and DAS and he couldn’t stress enough the eye contact element - including vehicles coming out of side streets, turning right across your lane and as said here, with trucks and so on… Definitely helps register you in their decision process…

I have had this several times. Often I find it’s because although the truck or bus may be turning left for example, they have to pull out to the right to make the turn. I try and take it as ‘stay back or I might squash you’ as some people have already said. Helps keep the blood pressure down too! :slight_smile:

Nah, eye contact doesn’t work - the number of times I’ve fixed eyes with people coming out of junctions and roundabouts… you can see them thinking “oh look, it’s one of those funny two wheeled cars” as they trundle out into your path whilst you are leaned over like a b*stard.

Sound your horn to warn other road users of your presence. Works like a charm, odd eh?

And as for people closing up gaps and then pretending you’re not there, that must have happened to me almost every time I rode in London. But then with a smile and a wave you leave the prick rotting at the next set of lights or traffic queue. I had a white van guy purposefully drive into my leg once because he didn’t like a lane change I made.

you just have to remember if your next to their door then you cant be seen so they will just assume knowone is there and turn. their are a few blind spots in those things. i cant see any trucks thinking ahh a bike lets squash them. i know loads of truckers that are indeed bikers aswell.

you just got to put urself 20ft + in the air and try and notice things below you.