Dangerous bull ****

Last Friday afternoon I was filtering through traffic at the Chiswick roundabout on the A406 as I was going through a tightish gap between a lorry and a van in the stationary traffic the w—er in the lorry turned his front wheel into me whilst he was sitting in the traffic deliberately trying to squash me, Just wondering if anyone has had similar experience of this bull **** behaviour.

Thats the first ive heard that, what a b@stard.

its never happened to me before and i cover a lot of mileage.

Never happened to me. What a bad attitude from that driver. :w00t:

during DAS training in west london our instructor led us carefully through a long tailback so we wouldnt lose too much training time that afternoon…

he was riding a pan euro so if he fit through we could easily, at one stage he passed an M3 who proceeded to close the gap between the two cars before us students could get through, he then ignored his mirror for the next few mins, but we could just squeeze thru

what a nobber :rolleyes:

what is up with people…so damn stupid…

That wouldnt have been Lindon from Think Bike in Ham would it? :wink:

I’ve had similar happen 2 or 3 times as well as traffic pulling politely over to the left BUT for one car that pulls over to the right in an attempt to stop you overtaking.

I think it’s jealousy!

I Know its rare, but its happened to me a few times. That and the idiots who are about to turn or U-ey but haven’t bothered to indicate that fact or check their mirrors.

This is one of the MAIN reasons I don’t filter as fast as everyone else… ok it makes me a bit of a dull fella to ride with sometimes, but I’ve had some close shaves where I HAVEN’T been knocked off so I guess that makes up for it.


I’ve only been on the Bandit a week, but the loud exhaust I fitted definitely makes people more aware in traffic, even have people moving out of the way (who of course receive a nod of thanks).

I’m the same! always keep filtering at a steady pace nowerdays! too many idiots out there Case in Point, this thread However to be fair mate you shouldnt really be squeezing through lorries and vans its got danger painted all over it. Always wait for a gap to appear in front of one of them. I see moped riders fly down the tunnel created by lorries all the time, and they are asking for trouble.

+1. If you’d have tried sitting in the truck at the Hendon Bikesafe weekend, you’d have seen that a typical truck cab gives you very little visibility of anything near to you or under your wheels. Have you thought that the trucker may have been trying to tell you that he didn’t want you filtering right up close because he didn’t want to set off and find you under his wheels?

If the driver was doing that out of spite that’s brutal behaviour, Benelli Boy good point. I didn’t realise Bikesafe was so comprehensive will have to get on one sooner rather than later.

Sorry, I think I’ve not been clear and may have confused people. The demo lorry cab was something they had at the one-off London bikesafe weekend a fortnight or so ago. It’s not a feature of all b’safe days.

But there’s another bikesafe special event in essex coming up soon (search on here. There’s a thread somewhere), so they might have it there. Basically, you sit in the cab and realise that, even when you actively try to look, and use all the mirrors, you have BIG blind areas around your wheels and the area below and directly in front of you (which is just where a bike might like to creep through to get to the front of a traffic Q).

thanks for the feedback everyone I will be going to the next bikesafe event if it makes you a better and safer rider then its got to be worth it

its well worth it! Dont expect any revelations or anything on how to ride. But next time you think about nailing it up the inside or taking that extra car or gunning it at 150+ etc etc etc something might just flash up and save ya bacon :wink:

Top blokes at Bike Safe - Certainly helps change your opinion of the old plod on 2 wheels. (Although that I imagine is there secret ploy, as they’re certainly a hand picked bunch if you know what I mean)

Happy Riding

Yep slow filtering loud pipe and upgraded headlight bulbs are the way to go, still doesnt help with the complete idiots out there, but atleast it helps with the ignorant ones

Good points bennelli boy, I drive 40 footers round london n its not only bikes u cant see sometimes lose cars in blindspots. But i make more effort 2 spot bikes but like in all walks of life u get
d** Kheads and if he did that on purpose he a prat !

the feed back is great guys but Im 43 and I dont take stupid chances the guy in the truck was a complete w@@nker and was acting the fool there was a good gap in front of the lorry that i was going for and I have the up most respect for all the truckers that try there best and all other road users that look for us bikers it should be compulsary for everyone to ride a bike for at least 2 weeks before they can get into a car they would know what its like to be on two wheels and smaller in comparison.

i cant believe someone done that on purpose but u get all sorts out there in all sorts of vehicles.as steve said u just wouldent believe how many blind spots u have on trucks.if u r not alert at all times u can lose cars and motorcycles…please people keep away from both doors as u cant be seen…and always make sure u have eye contact with the driver for u r own saftey