Dan3's New ride!

a few pics of dans new bike…tis very nice, looks like a mini CB1000R:)





Very nice indeed. :smiley:

Very nice:)

I like the kiddy seat on the back;):smiley:

Nice bike:cool:

I like the fact that the exhaust/cat box is stealthy black and not stainless like my Hornets. Makes it a lot less noticeable.

looks very nice…

what is it like to ride??

Very nice and definitely does look a bit like the CB1000R.

Headlight looks mean!





you have to wait for dan to log in…

tis lovely bike tho, i really like it, he’s dead chuffed with it and so he should be, i liked it so much i washed it down back at mine cos it got bit dirty out in the lanes!:smiley:

Thank’s for uploading the pic’s Russ , I am thrilled with the bike looks great in Black , the bike is restricted till June but rides very well only picked it up this morning , I think me and russ going ace tomorrow night anyone who is there might get chance to see it in the fleash :smiley:

yea, the new XJ6’s look wicked, nice bike geez!

Fantastic looking bike - really nice.

I like that, headlight looks good

niiice bike! try and ACF-50 it all up as youve just bought it…it’ll keep those downpipes looking brandnew for a long time!

Gotta say I think that looks pretty damn good!

Can’t believe how much the old ‘Diversion’ has been brought on…

do like that, like where the pipe exits

ssssshhhh!:smiley: i told Dan never to mention its diverson heritage:w00t:

looks nice m8:cool: better than ratty’s junker :wink:

Lol how do you get the tank to shine like that?!

I Like!

Cheers for the comments guys , when I first went to see the bike and saw it in yellow I wasn’t keen on yellow , was either silver or black had to go for black , brought it on valentimes day my little baby LOL , I’m buzzing:w00t: , since riding it this weekend and comparing it to my hyosung gtr250 you can see the difference straight away handling and changing gears is sooooo smooth , I’d recommend this bike to anyone!!!:smiley: