damn this weather

hope nobodys out in the hail storm… there the size of maltesers !!!


Nope, just watching it pass by with the wind, rain, thunder & lightning. Love a good storm.

Arghhhh, I’m about to ride to work :angry:

Sun’s out again now:cool:

just walked back from maccy d’s in it…soaked!!!:w00t:

In a 10 min window we had sun, hail, rain, thunder and now sun… must be 1 huge cloud just moving north because there’s nothing but blue sky coming this way now. (Guildford)

Should be nice and dry for tonight.

Well they reckon dry until 11/11:30 then rain all night:angry:

Glad were going the ace in the car!:smiley:

Yep we just had it in Camden about 45 mins ago. Weird weather- but hey the suns back out now for my ride home tonight. Lets hope it stays that way.

Looking at the forecast though- why on earth is it going to be a minging weekend followed by a sunny week?! That’s so the wrong way round :frowning: Gutted…

who needs bbc weather…in a brief post we can get the london bikers weather report for the whole of london !!!

how cool is that, if you wanna know the weather ask a biker !!

LOL :smiley:
i got caught out on a trip to maccy d’s as well
had half the office’s orders with me!! :w00t:

doh!! i went for me myself and i:D;)

I don’t bother with the weather reports anymore, especially after they predicted light showers on the Easter Monday… Full on blizzard on the way to southend!!!:w00t:

Nowadays, if I’m looking at going out, I look out of my window, dress to suit the occasion and go for it:P

Got caught out and about (Not on my bike though!) I saw a bolt of fork lightning and then within a minute or two hear all sorts of sirens from fire engines, ambulance etc. All headed in the general direction of the lightning strike. Later heard they had found their way to a house in the general direction of the one I saw. Blew part of the roof off apparently, this was near M4 J4. :w00t:

I got caught in it. Hailstone bounding off my lid, rather loud too! Only a very short time in the rain as I was only a short way away from the optician to collect my son’s glasses. Bone dry 5 minutes later. Nipped over to AyeGees and bought some summer gloves (HG’s had nothing that fitted me) then pootled home to give the bike a quick wash down.

Must be Welling then? We had a sort of reverse pattern in Woolwich.

I blame Shooters Hill and the government.


(I blame the government for everything I don’t like.)

Suppose I shouldn’t have bothered cleaning it this morning. It has spent the last hour sat outside in the peeing rain… where did I put my car keys

sun ,rain, sunny again, windy, rainy, cold , sunny again…im confused

i was on the m1 i the lorry yesterday when it came down! boy did it come down, looked like it had snowed, it actually left a layer of icy sludge all over the motorway