Damn people in this town

So I leave it out of my eyes for a second and somebody nicks my lid with gloves and googles… grrrr!!

Got a spare lid, getting spare googles at Oakley, but does anyone have a recommendation where to get a good pair of summer leather gloves? Don’t want to spend a massive amount, not more than around < 50.

Infinity on Great Portland Street, BabyJ may give yo the LB discount…

Or the place on Clapham High Street hs a good selection but I can never remember what its called.

Or Wandsworth Honda … closing down sale and all gloves left are going for £15 !

Popped past there today and there was no leathers or lids left but a fair bit of wet weather gear and gloves. Loads of money of them as well.

Thanks everybody, already got sorted down at Infinity … got some nice summer gloves now with proper ventilation at least.

Mmmmh… One day when I’m rich I might get me a pair of those Dainese gloves with Titanium knuckle-dusters… look like they provide good offensive as well as defensive capabilities… Maybe something for Mattcbf600?

Thats mental, wish i had a chance to get down there…thats better then E-bay!

Erk, bad luck fella! I can’t believe it when I see helmets chained to bikes… don’t these people know someone will either p*** in it or nick it?

scum if it aint bolted down its a gonna and somtimes thats not enough its high time we started cutting of the fingers of the shitbags doin this stuff (thats if we could catch them)

hope you got sorted dude.

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