Damn Insurance Costs

why oh why did I leave it so late to think about getting a motorbike licence :frowning:

Just trying to get some ideas of bikes to look at when I pass my test so I’m getting some insurance quotes

Lack of licence at 36 is throwing up strange results

2015 new Honda £5500 CB500X £630 per year

2009 Yamaha YBR2500 £2499 (dealer price) £515 per year

These prices are fully comp parked on the street, with data tag and disclock .

Should I be pleased with these quotes and would they drop by much in years 2,3 etc?

Parking mo’cycles on the streets of London or, just keeping a mo’cycle in London for that matter, adds premium to your premium.

Typically NCB reduces your premium by approximately 10% per year but that is only applied after adding the risks to the to premium. The biggest risk factors being age, inexperience, previous claims, driving convictions, postcode and value of mo’cycle.

Reduce these risks and reduce your policy premium.

I pas just over 1k for a newish 600 on the streets of angel… So the quotes above seem about right for a new driver.

I will drop significantly after your first year; you’re a much bigger risk with so little experience. You’ll be in a stronger position to shop around then as well.

After I passed my license at around 26 I had to go for a £1000 TPFT insurance for a 5 year old bike, so that doesn’t sound too bad. The next year the price dropped, and I went fully comp for the same price.

Sounds OK to me especially as fully comp. Sometimes you get quotes like that for tpft. I didn’t pass till I was 47 so know the feeling (despite having a clean driving licence for 30 years which didn’t make an iota of difference). In London some insurers wont even give you a quote unless you have a garage! (as if!). A couple of years in and it will drop.


Glad I’m not being singled out and shafted

Oh, not by a long shot. We are being bent over in massive groups. All we can hope for is for them to be done quickly, and maybe a bit of lubrication.

Oh you’re being shafted… Its just that you’re not alone, it’s a gangbang…

Oh well at least that’s another bucket list item then

They tend to give you the full twelve inches with no lube.
I have a new versys 650 with my licence for 2 years.I’m 41 and now pay £217 fully comp with garage.

I’d say that’s pretty “reasonable”. Depends on your postcode of course but prices vary significantly between different areas of London.

Not necessarily. I thought the same thing but they barely changed.


A new £2500 CBF125 is costing more to insure than a new £5500 CB500X :crazy:

Must be the risk of 125’s getting nicked by yoof/pikies/scum

I think that’s around the same as I paid when I first had to insure my XJ6 in London 4 years or so ago.

It dropped a fair bit after the first year and again for the next couple of years - I’m out of London now with a garage so it’s a lot lower than it was in SW17 parking out the front of the house.