Damn Gear Changer Snapped

MY PLANS: 19:30 meet up with a few other bikers and go for a little blast, visit Boxhill, Stockley, ACE, Cheslea bridge etc etc.

MY PROBLEM: My gear changer rod has just snapped, the bit that sticks out which you use to change gear with your foot.

MY ACTION: I currently have my mates damaged bike in my garage but it appears his has also snapped, which must have happened when he parked it under the front of a BMW.

So for now I have used Araldite in hope that it is strong enough to last the night.

What do you guys think? And has anyone got one they want to get rid of. SRAD600

Stan, welcome aboard. Have you snapped off the spiggot, the part you use to rest your toes on to change gear? If so, drill a hole in the arm, put a bolt through it, and you’ve got yourself another spiggot until you get a replacement. I’ve used this technique before when at the track.

Check out the attached image.

Nice one, cheers Jay.

Would love to meet up with you guys sometime but man am I jealous of your bike…

Did think about making an offer for your 750 as this is the next bike I want, but that would not have gone down to well with the wifey…

I’m not going to be at the Ace/Soho or Chelsea tonight, but I’ll be down at Staples Corner later in the night, doing some filming tonight, as on the homepage. Hope to see you sometime!