Dakar Rally

Just been reading on the beeb that a french motorcyclist has died in the dakar rally.


Really sad news…to have been found 15km’s from his bike :frowning:

Just shows how mental this rally is… as a car driver its nuts, but as a motorcyclist, its beyond nuts.

The isolation, the danger…its just unreal. It’s the ultimate in adrenalin rush for the adventure riders, so if you are going to go you go out doing it in the hardest race on earth.

RIP fella.

and best wishes to the british drivers in critical conditions after their smash.

Yeah it’s pretty mad. Have you seen any of the coverage each evening on eurosport? Great dust clouds hiding stuck bikers in the middle with cars and lorries screaming blind thru the dust. Crazy people. What an adventure though !

Very sad end to his adventure…I can’t figure out why his distress signal was ignored for so many days. It’s just crazy.

On a lighter note… GOOOOOoooo Giniel de Villiers!!!

Has David Knight ever rode the Dakar?

It’s extremely tragic. The Dakar is one of the most amazing races in the world, but sadly it’s not given the coverage it deserves over here.

do you get poisonous plants insects or animals over there??? maybe he had a stroke ro something… Since people doing these kind of endurance races are quiet fit I find it weird he couldn’t last a week with provisions.