Dakar 2023

Not long now!!!

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Did I hear that right?

KTM factory team are taking 67,000 spare parts for 14 days of the Dakar!

Says all you need to know about KTM reliability.

Feels like I used the same amount every three months when commuting


Considering it’s probably covering teams from Husqvarna and Gas Gas as well and they want the bikes to do well while being ragged to an inch of their lives in harsh conditions it’s not bad.

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Defending champion Sam Sunderland is out

Take a wheel bearing. 4 per bike. Between KTM, Husqvana and gas gas, there’s likely 50 bikes including all the privateers, that’s 200 parts assuming they only do a single change the whole rally. It soon adds up.

Not bikes, but who doesn’t love a 3 wheel car finishing a stage.

67,000 spare parts!

These boys haven’t been trained about snap back risks.